Random Sunday afternoon at the Menil with Black Frame Photos....

photo credit:  Black Frame Photos

Since Johnny wanted to finish his roll of 35mm film we decided to go out for a random short shoot somewhere around Houston.  After driving around town he finally picked The Menil.  It was a nice day, bright and sunny and not too cold or hot.  I kind of felt silly carrying around this huge fur thing but whatever.  

This was probably one of the more nerve-racking shoots I've done.  These photos were taken by his SLR but after testing the shot he would pull out his film camera and that's when I started getting very self conscious and I had to make sure everything all my hair was in place, my hands, legs, smile.... OMG SO NERVOUS.    

"OMG.  Why didn't you count?  I think I blinked!"

" You have to tell me when you're taking it so I'm ready..."

"ready?  1...2...3......



I don't remember ever being this nervous back then when we only used film camera.  And we never really worried that the picture came out bad either.  Those were the simpler days....

I haven't seen the developed film yet but hopefully all pictures came out perfect.  haha.

2 Responses to "DON'T BLINK"

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