Modern Design: The Men's Tungsten

Modern Design Inc. recently contacted me about their tungsten rings, and since they are for made for men and I don't particularly look good with wide plain rings, I commissioned Dru from WWT to take up this offer.   

Read below for his review on the ring he picked out!  If you're a guy and has been asking me for men's fashion posts, here is some bling to start you off with!

As a guy, let's face it, your options for accessories are slim to none. Watch? Accounted for. And... well, unless you're sporting a wedding band or don't mind wearing a tie/pocket square around all the time, you're pretty much SOL. But if you avoid the gold and silver colored metals, you can reasonably sport rings on the other hand without anyone thinking you're a widower. 

As a bachelor, I've always kind of wanted to see what wearing a ring around was like, and when the fine folks at offered a ring up for review, I gladly took them up on their offer.

And what are the options? For me, I was looking for something that didn't scream out the gaudiness of a price tag if anyone noticed. And so while perusing their expansive selection, I immediately stopped at their gunmetal colored offerings. Particularly the matte black, and a little thicker and flattened outer surface for a more muted statement.

The ring arrived safely tucked away in several boxes, like a Russian nesting doll and held in place in the ring box by a manly, pliable material. And how is it? I like it. More than I thought I would. The tungsten ring has some slight heft to it and the inside has rounded edges for an extremely comfortable fit. The exterior is indeed a matte gunmetal grey/black finish that's understated and wouldn't blind someone in the eyes. Wearing a ring around is pretty nice as I've taken to tapping it on whatever drinks I'm holding during a night out and it hasn't picked up any scratches despite my spinning it on a table on occasion (and the flat finish makes it great for spinning, by the way).

In all, I'm still getting used to the feeling of a metal ring encompassing my ring finger (it seems to hinder me from playing the piano effectively) but I do like tossing it on when I'm planning on having a night out. Highly recommended if you want to add a small detail to your daily attire.

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