Shows, concerts, music festivals, and raves.. I love to enjoy, but I just can't get myself to participate in the attire that goes along with it.  Neon bright colors I can do, but never goes further than it being my tank top or shorts.  Fuzzy boots and animal hats?  It's so hot man, I don't even know how that works.

But I finally found a way to partake in all the EDM fun!  Because I like to roam around the makeup section for no reason at all, I saw all these glittery eye liners and thought of Lauren Mayberry from CHVRCHES and her crazy beautiful eye makeup.  

photo credit:  studiodru

 I think I like it and will go buy all the colors available now.
This photo makes me laugh cause it looks like the eyeliner is photoshopped onto my eyelid.  But I swear it's not.   Also if you don't know CHVRCHES, do yourself a favor cause they are AMAZE.

And then... MY HURR guys.  I recently bought this Remington Elliptical Curling Wand and it's become my new obsession.  I actually haven't had time lately before going out to curl my hair so I've been wearing it straight for the past few months unless I'm doing a random shoot so this wand is very exciting for me. haha. I like it because:

1.  It gets very hot.  410 degrees!
2.  It's light. Arms get tired man.
3.  It's elliptical therefore creates more of a wave than a curl.
4.  So much more volume towards the top of the crown therefore BIGGER HAIR.  And who doesn't love big Texas hair?  C'MON GUYS.

I might actually also purchase the regular round one too but I'm kind of wavering because I'm not sure if I'll like the tapered end.  It has great reviews on Makeup Alley but I'm still not sure.  Like you'll have tighter curls at the ends right?  Do any of you have the tapered curling wand and how do you like it?

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