this is what it feels like

if some people walk into your life and leave foot prints forever.....

then this girl came and left her big dirty paws everywhere!

which is why I love her, of course.

I made my friend Iris do a photo shoot with me before heading out to see AVB.  I always make her take pictures and she hates it, but since she was leaving Houston and Texas forever she had no choice.

We are actually complete opposites in almost every aspect, like:

     I like to go out and party, she's a homebody.
     I hang out with  mostly Asians, and she hates them.
     I drink almost every weekend, and she gets drunk off one pint.
     I hope to someday settle down, have a family and she hates kids and wants to be a nomad forever.
     She likes white guys, and I still like mine to be Asian.  HA.

(We do have one thing in common though,  WE LOVE DOGS.  ALL OF THEM.)

But somehow despite our different personalities, interests, and habits, it still works.  Although I admit that sometimes we do have some heated conversations/arguments where I want punch her in the face and I'm sure she wants to tear my head off, but it is nice that we can express our opinions to each other without reservations and without fear of judgement.

Mostly our relationship consists of me bullying her into doing things and going places with me, but I'm sure she enjoys it. RIGHT?

These silly pictures clearly depicts our friendship. =D

And my favorite shot from the shoot. LOVE.

Good luck on your adventures! And if you ever need a good scolding, you know you can always count on me.  I will miss you much, especially our dim sum and happy feet lunch dates, but I want you to be a happy grumpy grandma instead of just a grumpy one.  

I look forward to future Google hangout dates, crazy drunk texts/calls, and hopefully a good beach vacation is somewhere in there too.  Be safe and don't die. =)

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