About 3 weeks ago I went to see Armin Van Buuren (untz untz untz) at a local venue with my friend Iris and Dru from WWT and studiodru.  Since we were also doing a going away shoot I decided to "dress" up a little bit more.

photo credit: studiodru

These concerts are almost always, actually just always, hot and steamy so I probably should have worn something that was cotton and light.  Instead I wore this long polyester button down, a normal bra, a bralet top, and shorts (that are really pajama shorts).  Hence, hot and messy.
Houston really needs a better venue for EDM concerts, the current one is probably too small and always hot.  Plz turn the AC on... pleaaseee.

Some interesting/non-interesting things happening:

1. I recently joined Vine.  Now I can make spastic videos of my life. yipee!

2. Going back to school for AutoCAD.  It's a useful thing to know right?

3. Summer is here and it's getting really hot here in TX, but surprisingly I'm still getting a few orders on the Etsy Shop!  Currently brainstorming up some ideas in preparation for the winter, so keep checking back!

4. Bestie from Taiwan is coming back to visit soon! and for a month!  This means another ATX girls trip.      EXCITE.

5. A girl who I met a year ago left TX to explore other parts of this earth and hopefully to find the perfect place for her to settle down and be happy.  Miss her much already! The going away photo shoot I had mentioned earlier is with her.  Photos coming soon!

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