Time passes too fast, it's already been a month since Coachella and I'm just now posting about it.  smh.  
My second time in Indio for Coachella and it was funs!  We stayed in a condo in a gated resort with an amazing view every morning.  There's really no better way to start off the day then a breath of fresh air, watching morning golfers, tall beautiful palm trees, and of course the mountains in the horizon!  We all know how flat Texas is right? =/

Enjoy the sleuth slew (b/c i'm dumb) of pictures!

These ducks were there in the morning waiting for us to feed them.  so cute.

Mina flew all the way from NY!  Been 2 yrs since I've seen her. =)

Met up with Monica despite of the terrible spotty cell service on the festival grounds.  I heart bestie time.

my Koreans

 view of the mainstage from deck

we're blocked by the sign leg

The Wombats!

Hot Chip.  Favorite act of the festival.  so good.  just so good.

On the last day of the festival there was a windstorm/sandstorm.  Basically I went home with a bunch of sand in my eyes and lungs.  There was sand coming out of my eyes for days!  Next time I'm wearing goggles. 

Stayed in LA for a couple of days to wind down.  Griffith Observatory was cool and it was an amazing afternoon for a nice walk on a mountain.  I would come back at night to gaze at stars. 

And of course I ate ramen.  TWICE.  Santouka and Daikokuya.
There's nothing close to this in Houston. 

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