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pants: forever 21,  tank: zara,  scarf: claires,  belt: express,  booties: express
photo credit:  studiodru

What I wore to riot in at Ra Ra Riot couple of weeks ago.  I enjoy a good concert and they were good, it was kind of short but that's okay.  Favorite song, Can You Tell. =) 

It's rodeo time in Houston so I went this past Sunday to hang out there.  And no, it's not just horses and cattle and dirt ground, it's actually more like a fair/carnival with food, rides,  carinival games, and there's always a concert.  It's actually pretty fun.  I've been going every  year for the past 4 years but it was always on a weekday after work and never on a weekend.  I went with a couple of friends and Dru, and since we had all day we decided to go to the petting zoo and ride some of the rides.  goats and sheep?  sure! Ferris wheel? Why not?  Bumper cars?  Okay!  They also had this skyride thing like a ski lift that takes you from one end of the carnival to the other, so we did that too.  And the best part was of course eating all the bad foods.  DUH.   

The concert that night was Demi Lovato with Austin Mahone.... yea I know... so many screaming teen girls.  But actually Demi has a really nice voice and she was really good so I did enjoy it.  After the concert we rode the ferris wheel again just to get a good night view of the place.  It was worth it.

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