pants: f21  shirt: express  bra: aa
photo credit:  studiodru

Couple weeks ago Dragonette came to Houston on tour with Major Lazer and this is what I wore.  I love backless/u-back/v-back shirts, the only problem is figuring out what bra to wear underneath.

*** note to self: need more fancy/pretty/adequate coverage bras.

When I heard Dragonette was coming to Houston I was jumping for joy and had been anticipating this concert for a couple months, which meant I knew exactly how I wanted to spend the night.  Pre-drink? yes.  Buzzed for Dragonette? yes.  And well,  you can probably guess how the rest of the night went.  Since Dragonette was the opening act the crowd wasn't as excited to see them as my friends and I were.

"This crowd sucks!"

"I know."

"I hate everyone!  Everyone except you, Erica."

"hahaha, thanks...I AM your friend..."

They played a really good set so we were all very happy.  Except I was sad they didn't play Rocketship.  

Then Major Lazer went on and it got crazy.  Somewhere between dancing and running back and forth from the bar, the strap that wraps around my booties broke in half.  Like it just broke in the middle, not even at a seam or buckle.  A sign of a good time?  sure.  I also posted a really blurry picture of Major Lazer.... more evidence of a good time...


Anh Nguyen says
Tuesday, March 26, 2013

i love the dragonettes! man can't believe i missed their show! glad you had a good time!

Joanna Le says
Wednesday, March 27, 2013

LOVE exposed back shirts! AA make some of the best/comfiest decorative bralettes. Urban Outfitters usually has some good ones on sale, too.

Mae says
Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I have NEVER heard of them before... but their shit is pretty fun! Something new to add to my dancy list on Spotify. <3

Your shirt is sexay.

Love + aloha,
Mae Xx //