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denim shirt, infinity scarf, leggings, ankle boots

photo credit:  black frame photos

Was talked into helping out on a photoshoot out on the Kemah boardwalk.  It was a really pretty day and perfect weather for a shoot. We got there early so the photographer wanted to test out some shots and lighting so naturally I was the lighting model.  The photos turned out pretty good so now they're up on the blog. 

The shoot pretty much took all day so as my reward I was treated to dinner at a new sushi restaurant in town, MF Sushi.  I forgot what MF stands for but I'm sure you have your own imagination.  I had the Omakase, which is where the chef chooses what he serves you so you basically have no say but I think that's the best part.  The fish was so good, amazingly fresh, and traditional style.  I would do business again.

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toro (mmmm)

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I forgot exactly, but I think it was yellowtail

 photo IMG_20130220_191019_1_zpse370a3f7.jpg
blue fin tuna (this was melt in your mouth goodness)

 photo IMG_20130220_191353_0_zpsfde47aa9.jpg

There was more dishes but I was too excited and just ate them. 

Also, been working on a project lately, so stay tuned!


Mae says
Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"MotherF*ckin' Sushi." HAHAHA.

Lookin' good. And the day sounds like total fun! <3

Love + aloha,
Mae Xx //