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beanie: knitted by me,  scarf: random, shirt: h&m,  jeans: zara,  socks: free people
photo credit: studiodru

Why no one tell me my pant legs were uneven?!

This weekend was NBA All-Star weekend in Houston which means lots of celebrities and also bad traffic.  The Galleria was packed with celebrity stalking people, so packed that they had to shut down the mall. DUDE THEY SHUT DOWN A MALL.  I don't even understand why you would want to go to a crowded mall just for a chance to see someone famous.  Not worth it.  

So it goes to say I didn't join in in the madness, but I did go to an event to catch a glimpse of Mos Def.  I love Mos Def.  He's awesome, just the right amount of coolness and not flashy.  I googled him before hand, because the flyer said Yasiin Bey and apparently they are both his stage names and his real name is Dante Terrell Smith.  I personally like his given name the most. The event was at a local boutique in the Rice Village area called The Classroom.  The store is small so it was really crowded and the line for drinks was super long, but hosted by Deep Eddy vodka so free drinks makes everything better!  Mos def made a couple of appearances walking through the store, I tried to get a picture but I was too short.  I did however touch him as he walked past me.  I was too shocked to snap a pic at the time, also I feel like too close pictures is like violating his personal space.  We left right before he came out to perform some songs, which was disappointing but sweet tea vodka makes me crazy and we were hungry. =/

Dru managed to get a blurry photo.
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