Beanie for everyone!


I've been on a knitting frenzy these past couple months.  I taught myself how to make a beanie last year via youtube of course.  I made a couple of them for friends and then stopped knitting because it got really hot in Houston.  I realize knitting can be an all year round thing, but when the weather gets to an unbearable 100+ degrees, it's hard to be motivated to knit a nice thick chunky scarf. YOU KNOW.

This year I started early and was able to make a lot of beanies, which makes for great Christmas presents!


photos credit:  Black Frame Photos

I was finally able to make one for myself out of this super soft thick yarn that I love.  100% merino wool, that was on sale for $9.99 per skein.  Only thing is each skein was only 32 yards which is not that long.  And this beanie took two skeins.  I'm sad this yarn is discontinued and they only had it in this color.  I keep stalking the website hoping that it'll come back though.

Hope everyone had a great New Years!  2013 will be awesome!
Now I need to come up with my list of new years resolutions.....

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