what feelings?

My hopes and promises of posting more often had clearly gone out the window. Oops.  But I think I finished half of my list from my 2012 post.  More updates on those later.  Yes there’s a skydiving video that has yet to be posted AND a zip lining video still in the works.  They’ll come soon! 
SO much has happened this year, including all of my single cousins on my dads’ side getting married leaving me the only one left.   This is where I roll my eyes and shrug my shoulders.  WHATEVER.  I ended up going to New York and staying a whole week since my cousins had coordinated their weddings to be on consecutive weekends for the convenience of traveling family members.  That’s cool, vacation time for me (maybe I’ll do a post on that later).  But for now.. real talk.
One of my cousins that got married I had literally not seen or talked to in about 10 years.  Maybe a random hi and how are you on facebook but definitely nothing substantial.  Then I was invited to his wedding in New York and I thought cool why not?  It’ll be fun and it’ll be good to see him and his brother again, who I also do not keep in touch with.  I totally expected it to be whatever, eat, say congratulations and that’s it maybe even a little awkward considering we haven’t seen each other in so long.  So imagine my surprise when I’m tearing up at the ceremony and maybe 3 or 4 more times after that.


Then I realize, this kid will probably be the closest thing I’ll ever have to a little brother.  His family had lived with us for about 2-3 years, which maybe not seem like a long time but I guess when you’re 16 and 13 you tend to build a relationship and a lot of memories.  I remember playing cards on the couch, waking each other up for school, watching TV and random fights. Sounds pretty normal, but being an only child these memories are priceless.   But they eventually moved away and despite all arguments and differences your parents may have with each other, your bond will always remain.



And I’m sitting there in shock with all these emotions and trying not to cry too much realizing that I love this guy more than I would have ever expected to.   Seeing him in love with this girl was amazing and I was so happy for him.  


But I think the best part was every time he saw me close by he would pull me into a huge hug and I knew he felt the same.  HEART.




Sorry for blurry iphone pictures!!! =)

3 Responses to "what feelings?"

J. says
Wednesday, November 07, 2012

What a lovely story, and I love the photos too :)


did you wear white?!

clouds of tulle says
Thursday, November 08, 2012

@anonymous- it's actually blush pink. In pictures it does kind of look white though. =\