Top. Gun.

Crossing things off my list!!
(and added more!)

First activity - Shooting range.

This was really fun.  I was pretty excited to do this, but when we got to the place I started getting nervous.

My friend was telling me a list of things not to do:

1. Don't put your finger on trigger until you're ready to fire.
2. Finger off trigger when loading the magazine.
3. Do not point the gun at anyone. (esp. him)
4. listen to what he says.  (bc I never do, ha)
5. Dont' anticipate the recoil.
6. Don't lean back when you fire.
7. Don't bend your wrists.

Oh gawd. That's way too many things to remember!  SO nervous- what if I accidentally shoot someone? What if I drop the gun and it misfires?  omg. omg. omg.

We get all our equipment (ammo, and the HK P90 9mm) and I watch as my friend fires away at the target.  Eh, not so scary at all.  Then it's my turn and I stay calm, and try really hard not to turn my body with my head, and remembered not to place my finger on the trigger till I was ready. 

That first shot was pretty awesome and recoil was not bad at all. My aim was a little off to the left, but my friend said at least it was consistent and not all over the place. haha.  But yea, so fun! Definitely going again sometime soon.  Goal is to get right on target!  Apparently it has to do with my trigger finger, so just need to get that corrected and hopefully I'll be on target.

Made my other friend take a video of my first shooting experience. 

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