Why oh Why


F21 tank, target shorts and wedges, AA bra

Have I been complaining about work too much? HA.

So, some time ago the "higher beings" at my company found out that employees were shopping online during work hours, and some unfortunate co-workers were unjustly penalized.  I say unjustly because, well, WHO doesn't do a little online browsing at work?  If you don't want people to go to those websites then you should just block them.  After that incident I have been cautious at work but still being a rebel once in awhile.  =P

But I guess they got smart because now everything is blocked.

No more Twitter and no more Facebook.  I'm waiting for the day they block gchat in gmail, then I'll definitely cry.  Good thing I got that iphone, I guess I'm not totally doomed.

3 Responses to "Why oh Why"

Kristy says
Tuesday, August 24, 2010

LOL, my company doesn't block any websites (or NOT YET!) I feel bad doing it but that guilty feeling isn't enough to stop me :p

Love the tank, especially the laced straps and asymmetrical hem!


platformshoesandwintercoat says
Tuesday, August 24, 2010

wow, it's a conspiracy. my company just had a meeting about this too, and i've seen it written about on others' pages too. it's probably more rampant than conspiracy, but yeah.

Tracey Quo says
Monday, August 30, 2010

I remember when Facebook got blocked at my work. Twas a sad, sad day indeed. lol