When clubbing fails - karaoke is the answer

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express shorts, James Perse tank, H&M vest, AA bra, DIY F21 studded heels, F21 accessories

Oops, nine days since my last post. Haven't had any chances to take good photos of recent outfits. All pictures had to be discarded due to bad lighting. =(

What I wore to a karaoke bar last night with a co-worker. I don't know if you guys have experience with an asian infested karaoke bar, but people don't usually dress like this inside. So why was I? Because the original clubbing plan had failed. I think the whole place was looking at me like I was crazy.

Mosquitos have been hovering in the hallway right outside of the apt. Every time we open the door, at least 2-3 come flying in. As a result, I now have 9 bites on my face. YES NINE.
I made a point to keep my arms and legs under the covers since they were originally biting my arms, but as a last resort they have come for my face. At least you can't see the bumps on my face in these pictures.

I haven't decided if I want to suffocate myself yet, but I might just have to.

Moving in two weeks! SO excited.