Discovery Green

The other day us and a few friends, plus pets, went to a new park in downtown Houston called Discovery Green, an Eco park.

The park is pretty nice, complete with coffee house, restaurant, small dog parks - big and small separated, and... an ice skating rink..? Yes, an outdoor ice skating rink in the middle of Houston. Who would've thought that was possible? Although, it was about 70 degrees that day, the ice was definitely melting, and I think the rink is only open for about a month considering it really isn't cold enough in Houston.

My dog, Chewie, is fat. We went to the enclosed dog park area and let the dogs run free, except Chewie wasn't really running at all. While our friend's dogs were chasing each other and playing around in the area, there you see Chewie trotting along all by himself. So lonely. Must go on diet.

In the picture is the main "street" of the park, it runs through the middle of it, and on the right is bf and pet, Chewie.

2 Responses to "Discovery Green"

Dru!!! says
Monday, December 15, 2008

this entry was depressing. You make it seem like dogs don't like fat dogs :( Look at this hard hitting commentary about society haha

clouds of tulle says
Monday, December 15, 2008

NO that is not what i meant! I just meant that Chewie couldn't keep up with them. Everyone likes Chewie even if he's fat!