Booty Tunic

tunic - F21, leggings - F21, booties - Report, necklace - DIY

Sorry about the terrible lighting. I think this is my favorite tunic that I own. It's a deep purple color and has two pockets in the front (which you cannot see, terrible lighting). I actually use to not like it very much it has this band at the bottom which kind of make a bubble in the butt area, and made my butt look even more ginormous than it already is. But for some reason, it is more bearable these days, which is why I practically live in it.

The necklace, which you cannot see, again due to bad lighting, I made myself. I just bought a pack of gold embossed circle plates and stuck them on a gold chain. Maybe a better picture next time.

The booties are very old, I think I bought them like 3 years ago, but never wore them that much. It was a time when I just started wearing heels, and these booties were a bit too high back then for my virgin feet. Well of course, they are not nearly high enough at all now, only a mere 3"!! So weak 3 years ago.

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