Random Sunday afternoon at the Menil with Black Frame Photos....

photo credit:  Black Frame Photos

Since Johnny wanted to finish his roll of 35mm film we decided to go out for a random short shoot somewhere around Houston.  After driving around town he finally picked The Menil.  It was a nice day, bright and sunny and not too cold or hot.  I kind of felt silly carrying around this huge fur thing but whatever.  

This was probably one of the more nerve-racking shoots I've done.  These photos were taken by his SLR but after testing the shot he would pull out his film camera and that's when I started getting very self conscious and I had to make sure everything all my hair was in place, my hands, legs, smile.... OMG SO NERVOUS.    

"OMG.  Why didn't you count?  I think I blinked!"

" You have to tell me when you're taking it so I'm ready..."

"ready?  1...2...3......



I don't remember ever being this nervous back then when we only used film camera.  And we never really worried that the picture came out bad either.  Those were the simpler days....

I haven't seen the developed film yet but hopefully all pictures came out perfect.  haha.

Life in 2013.....

And there goes another year!  I have to say that 2013 was probably one of the better years for me.  Met a lot of people, ate good food, traveled, tried new things and activities, attended a TON of concerts, and became an entrepreneur (mini)!  All in all, 2013 left me with numerous wonderful great memories.  =)


1.  Started an Etsy store!  Go check it out!  Clouds of Yarn.
2.  snowboarded for the first time
3.  got a new tattoo
4.  BFF Monica visited twice!
5.  BFF Vanessa also visited twice!
6.  went back to school
7.  had a great 31st birthday with friends
8.  landed a short lived but awesome freelance stylist job
9.  Coachella, ACL, SXSW and many more concerts... and then partying with Carousel.
10. chopping all my hair off into a bob

Here's to hoping 2014 will be just as awesome if not better!!  For everyone!


One month ago when Dru and I went out to a belated birthday dinner for him.  Look at my hair, finally long enough to curl and also getting thick which means it's time for a trim in 2014.  Thinking about a change in color too....

photo credit:  studiodru

Can you tell I like gold a lot?  There was a time when I favored silver way more thinking that gold was too old and mature looking but now, maybe because I'm older, I love gold and tend to favor it almost all the time.  These ankle cuffs are kinda weird but also sort of interesting.  I think I like them.

Anyway,  Happy New Years guys!  Have a great new years eve and be safe!  See you in 2014. 


Just a quickie for now.  Another post soon.  Plus new items up on Clouds of Yarn coming.... Stay tuned!

I wish I had a dog farm so I could rescue all the dogs.  
Frenchies are one of my favorite breeds, hence why I just could not resist this shirt.


If you follow me on Instagram then you'll know that I recently chopped my hair off short!  I did it for no particular reason, just a spur of the moment thing.  One of those things come up when you're browsing on the internet or looking through a magazine, you know.  So one day I just decided to do it and a week later, voila!  

Despite getting regular trims every 6 months or so and trimming off at least 3 inches each time, my hair was still pretty long.  So I looked up some hair donation programs and hoped that my hair was long enough and met the qualifications for donation.  I ultimately decided to go with the Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program, which I heard was a good one, and the minimum length for donation was 8 inches so my hair stylist measured my hair and yup, it was long enough!  So my hair was snipped, packaged, and sent away.

The thing about short hair is that it actually makes me look older and makes me want to be all sophisticated and wear red lipstick all the time.  Hence, these pictures of me in a different style than what I usually wear.  

Look at me, all chic and sophisticated.  HA.

I like how this last one was edited.  Very 70's.

photo credit:  Black Frame Photos


Since there isn't really a fall season in Houston, this is usually the time of the year where my browsing and shopping is all over the place.  I can still wear a crop top right?  How about this long sleeved sweater?  Or both! no? okay fine.

I have never really liked wearing skirts since I'm pear shaped and skirts always ride up when I'm walking, and forget about tight body con skirts, as if my butt wasn't out there enough.  But lately I've been learning to embrace it and putting on those tight skirts anyway.  I've noticed that the older I get the more comfortable I feel in my own skin and body, less self conscious and more confident.  And I like it.  It's a a good thing and I sure the routine workout helped a lot too. So as you can see I have a body con skirt in my picks above.  By the way, to add on to the big butt topic, I really like those high-low tops.  You know, to cover my behind and also great to wear with leggings!


Part II from Mineralblu Photography shoot.

A conversation from the night before:

            "going to eat, wanna come?"

            "no, I'm not eating tonight so I can have flat stomach tomorrow morning."


I had super major tan lines, like different shades of tan from different swim suits.  I'm glad you can't really see them.  Thanks Long! 

TIMC: lululemon

About a year ago I joined my first gym for the first time.  Prior to that I have rarely ever worked out or ran.  I would do yoga and stuff but it never became a regimen.  I'm lazy.  But as everyone says, it becomes a habit and it's addicting so surprisingly I have been going consistently for the past year and at least 3 times a week.  Sometimes I even want to go twice in one day!  Crazy stuff.  At first I was doing mainly cardio, but now I've progressed to also lifting weights and the poundage has been slowly increasing.  I feel good, stronger and my body is definitely tighter than before so I'm pretty happy.  Everyone should go and do some squats!  haha. Seriously though.

Well needless to say I've become a little obsessed with work out clothes and am constantly looking/shopping for them.  I look at Lululemon all the time, I think their designs are awesome and the quality is great but it is a bit pricey for me so I find myself browsing but rarely ever pulling out that cc.  Stuff is always sitting in my cart so I thought I would do a TIMC (THINGS IN MY CART), post because you care right?


my friend bought these and they look better on her than the model =) 


Photographer from Mineralblu photography, who is a friend of mine recently asked me to do a photoshoot with him and I kindly obliged.  We agreed on a sunrise shoot on a Saturday morning which meant sleeping at 10pm on a Friday night and because sunrise was at 6am, I had to wake up and get ready at 4am.  4 AM!  That's when I get home sometimes.  Good thing location was pretty close to my house.  

But anyway, it was fun if you don't count the part where I stepped into an ant pile and got bitten about 100 times around my ankles.  The things we do for a good picture.  


I recently saw somewhere on TV a guy wearing a collar bar and thought, OH that's nice.  Then I read this interview with the owner of The Class Room in which he also mentions the collar bar.  And hence started my online search....

top row:

bottom row:

I don't watch either of these shows but apparently they wear them on Mad Men

and Boardwalk Empire

and Matt Bomer......

Okay he's not wearing one but he came up in google image search for "collar bar" and well... 

But I think I rather like these collar bars/pins, gives a certain sophistication and elegance to the mans' wardrobe. I like how if elevates the tie knot, quite dapper indeed.